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SFJH series improved rotary grading screen

◆ The combination of circle and ellipse, line three modes of motion, the screening effect is good;
◆ The screen ship is driven by a belt drive, is to balance, low noise;
◆ The sieve ship tail support for improved elastic support, small vibration, low noise;
◆ The reinforced frame, ensure the equipment more stable operation, can adopt the suspension structure according to the actual situation of the ground, meet customer needs transformation;
◆ The improvement of steel wire rope hanging structure, avoid wire rope wear;
◆ It adopts the integrated or combined sieve cover structure, ensure the sieve cover lighter, stronger rigidity, better sealing;
◆ It adopts the combined structure of screen frame, screen for more convenient and fast;
◆ It is suitable for food, feed, flour, sugar, food, chemical, mining, paper and other industries of raw materials and finished products, screening points.


Main technical index

Item Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)
Mash Feed Pellet Feed
2C Series SFJH80×2C 1.5 4-6 5-8
  SFJH100×2C 2.2 6-8 8-10
  SFJH125×2C 3 8-13 10-15
  SFJH140×2C 4 12-16 14-18
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